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Shopware Plugin Development


We develop custom Shopware plugins in accordance with your particular business requirements, enabling your store to take full use of Shopware’s features and differentiate itself from the competition in the eCommerce space.

Shopware is a leading and powerful e-commerce platform that was designed back in 2004. Shopware is an extraordinary, scalable, robust, and customizable e-commerce solution that has proved itself the best choice for e-commerce businesses. It powers your business and you can fully devote yourself to the core aspects of your digital business.

Shopware gives its users the freedom of enabling them to build easily and quickly their online stores regardless of their business specifications and requirements of the business. Its backend was thoughtfully designed to make development easier for developers.

Shopware offers a large selection of ready-to-use plugins to meet the needs of different kinds of store owners. However, some plugins are quite pricey and have limited functionality, which eventually affects the performance of the website.

Solution Thinkers offers custom Shopware plugin development of the highest caliber. Our extensive team of Shopware 5 experts has the best skill sets to meet the demands of both your business

Shopware is based on several symphony framework components supported in phpstorm through the core features and symphony plugins. The basic requirements for using Shopware are very common like the latest version of Firefox and Chrome, JavaScript and cookies enabled, 4 GB RAM, dual-core CPU, and minimum backend resolution: 1366*768. Moreover, some web server requirements are a based operating system with Apache 2.2 or 2.4, PHP 5.6.2, MYSQL 5.5, and the possibility to set up cronjobs.

All of these luxuries provided by Shopware compelled the solution thinker team to use Shopware to facilitate our clients with the best e-commerce experience. We have arranged a team of artistic, creative, and proficient employees who have vast experience in using Shopware. Solution thinkers have pledged to provide technical expertise in a cooperative environment. Our developers can also make customized plugins and themes as per the customer’s wish. We have developed countless plugins and themes which were all according to customer business requirements and satisfied their need and also gave productive results.

Shopware deployment includes Shopware theme development and Shopware plugin development. Theme and plugin development requires some changes in the core code developed by Shopware.

With our Shopware development services, you can produce outstanding user experiences that will propel your company into new heights. A forward-thinking and extremely flexible eCommerce solution is achievable with Shopware innovation and Solution Thinkers experience.