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Shopware is a Germany’s leading and powerful ecommerce platform that was designed back in 2004. Shopware is an extra ordinary, scalable, robust, and customizable ecommerce solution that has proved itself a best choice for ecommerce business. It powers your business and you can fully devote yourself to the core aspects of your digital business.

Shopware gives its users freedom of enabling them to build easily and quickly their own online stores regardless of their business specifications and requirements of business. Its backend was carefully structured to provide ease to developers.

Shopware is feature-rich, convenient and PHP based platform which has become choice of many organizations and businesses. Shopware not only gives a chance to establish your own business but also helps in the growth of business with its enhanced functions and professional versions. Shopware is capable of handling tons of traffic and continuous flow of orders with the help of its varnish cache. Shopware allows you to add more servers to increase your store capacity and improved response time.

Shopware is based on number of symphony framework components supported in phpstorm through the core features and symphony plugins. The basic requirements for using shopware are very common like latest version of firefox and chrome, JavaScript and cookies enabled, 4 GB RAM, dual core CPU and minimum backend resolution: 1366*768. Moreover, some webserver requirements are linux based operating system with Apache 2.2 or 2.4, PHP 5.6.2, MYSQL 5.5 and possibility to setup cronjobs.

All of these luxuries provided by shopware compelled solution thinker team to use shopware to facilitate our clients with the best ecommerce experience. We have arranged a team of artistic, creative and proficient employees who have vast experience for using shopware. Solution thinker has pledged to provide technical expertise in a cooperative environment. Our developers can also make customized plug-ins and theme as per customer wish. We have developed countless plugin and theme which were all according to customer business requirements and satisfied their need and also gave productive results.

Shopware deployment basically includes: shopware theme development and shopware plugin development. Theme and plugin development requires some changing in the core code developed by shopware. Further we have explained about theme and plug-in development.


Whether it’s a website or online store its beautiful look and appealing features fascinate customers and gives the best impression. First step for making any website is to choose theme and then according to that theme we choose fonts, color, layout and graphics. Graphic designing plays an essential role to elevate theme look and its features. When it comes to choose website or e-store theme first thing to note is its response time, website should be responsive in order to provide best user experience to the customers.

Another property to consider when choosing theme is its mobile friendly behavior. This world of smart phones people shop while walking towards office or watching television, it become an essential element when building your website.

Shopware provides several themes for creating website or e-store but it also gives option of organizing your own web store according to your own selection. Shopware has provided original code of theme, after some emendation we can create personal theme for web store.  Themes represent your brand and the level of quality you are providing your customer; hence it affects user experience directly.

Solution thinker possesses one of the most technical staff for developing shopware themes of your own; we have created several themes according to customer’s choice and also satisfied the need of web store. We suggest our customers to have their own theme for their business. When we create a theme our main task is to make it responsive, provides best search engine optimization, user friendly, swift and customized layout with enhancing fonts and colors. Our graphic designers are expert; they know how to design graphics to increase its worth according to any business type. We provide following services for shopware theme development

  • Designing of logo and icon
  • User friendly and responsive themes
  • Managing content according to your business
  • Mobile friendly
  • finest search engine optimization
  • Provides testing of theme