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Enterprise Solutions

Every company wants to protect and access their data and digital assets without worry. Enterprises also want their IT solutions to streamline their work processes, minimize downtime, and maximize efficiency. This is nothing new. Solution Thinker has a large suite of enterprise IT solutions that will help your company decrease costs and increase revenues.

Solution Thinker offers a range of innovative business solutions to help solve your complex industry challenges. We take the time to understand your company, the technologies you have deployed and your business goals. We then tailor our solutions to your unique needs ensuring that your technology initiatives align with your business goals and assist you in meeting your corporate objectives.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services transform your Information Technology landscape with effective IT management solutions and services that enable businesses to stay in a constantly ready state. Our team, solutions and support help our customers within USA deliver what is critical for success.

Cloud based Services

Cloud based services are now used widely because it is an easier and smarter way to handle IT solutions.Especially for small business enterprises, Cloud solutions are preferred rather than maintaining their own servers. Now businesses of any size can host their account and data in the Cloud for faster access and cost savings.

Cloud Computing Business Process Management (BPM)

Cloud Computing BPM is a service based BPM solution that is fast and easy to use and less maintenance expenditure and affordable especially to small businesses as no dedicated server maintenance required.

School Management Application

School Management Applications enables users to manage all the processes related to schools, including: admissions systems, schedule management, fee management, etc., as well as feature the school’s to generate fast and efficient reports to analyze trends.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management enables users to maintain and handle all issues related to customers of an organization in an efficient manner.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning is an application that enables users to maintain and manage all their business processes including requisition, purchase order, assets management, vendor relationship, purchasing, etc. ERP also allows users to generate the progress reports on quarterly, bi-annually or annual basis as per need and requirement.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Human Resource Management System provides the functionality to manage the employee’s track records, profile, benefits and payroll.

E-Commerce based Solution

E-Commerce application including shopping carts, payment methods integration and sales management features enable user to manage their sales business and financial compliance and obligations.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides a featured a user to transform required information for business benefits as per business tactics and assessments.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management enables the user to develop, maintain and implement the business process.

Business Process Automation and Re-Engineering

Business Process Automation and Re-engineering is very famous among organizations to achieve efficiency.

Business Insights and Trends

Business Insight and Trends analysis provides better prediction to plan and take strategic business decisions and by analyzing current trends one can take advantage to get information of users choices and demands.

Data Centers

Data centers are the hub for all storage, networking capability, and the computing capacity necessary to run your business productively. You need a data center that is not limited by the restrictions of the past. Transform what you own today into an asset has the flexibility to growand shrink with your businesses needs. Create an environment that can extend beyond your datacenter walls, an environment flexible and agile enough to handle changing needs and unexpected opportunities.

We facilitate the efficient utilization of hardware and IT resources, self-service capabilities, capacity planning, service-level management, and proactive systems monitoring.

Data Warehouse and Data Mining

Data warehouses feature the user data as subject oriented, integrated, time variant and non-volatility, whereas data mining enables the user to extract meaningful information from the database with meaningful patterns.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery provides features to maintain the data in a way that could be recovered or saved in case any disaster occurs, or if there is a server failure and crash.

Data Recovery

Our data recovery service is the answer you need if your laptop, computer or other data storing or media device has failed.

Our experts understand the stress associated with the loss of data.Contact us now to receive immediate assistance in evaluating your unique situation and deciding on the best course of action.

Data Recovery for Server, RAID and NAS

With most businesses dependent on their valuable data, data recovery from Server, RAID or NAS devices has never been so important. Even with backup plans in place, we understand that businesses will still often require a rapid and completely managed data recovery solution.

Backup & Archiving

Backup and archiving activities maintain your important data so that it can be used in future, and also archives older data so that the information could be fast, safe and secure to be used.

Load Balancing

Load balancing of large data allows data to be accessed by millions of users at the same time so that the transparency can be achieved to fulfill every request/hits to the server without compromising the speed and performance.

Migration Service

Migration service of data enables a user to migrate data from server to server, and platform to platform safely with assurance of the application compatibility.

Security Compliance

Security compliance is adhering to the necessary standards to keep data secure, non-penetrated and non-compromised.

Continuous, Efficient Technical Support

Continuous maintenance and technical support to provide efficient user reliability on the system and day-by-day efforts making systems better to use.