SEO URLS For Article Pages Shopware Plugin

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Product information Rewrite Your Article URLs to Make Them SEO Friendly Search engine ranking is crucial for your e-commerce business. The correct in-store pages indexing. That's why it's so important to keep each article unique. Using this mobile phone extension, you are ready to completely eliminate the duplicate content and take full control of product URLs. How to use: 1. empty your Seo router Setting.configuration ---> Basic setting ---> Frontend ---> Seo / router Setting 2. Select Product / [...]

robots.txt Shopware Plugin

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Product information If you’re wondering how to optimize Shopware robots.txt file for better SEO, you’ve come to the right place. this Plugin generate robots.txt file is, it’s important to improve your search rankings. A robots.txt file is a file on your site that allows you to deny search engines access to certain files and folders. You can use it to block Google’s (and other search engines) bots from crawling certain pages on your site. make it easy for search [...]

GeoIP Redirect Shopware Plugin Customer by country to sub-shop and language shop

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Product information You have a multilingual store or sub shops and want your visitors to be directed to the correct language store according to their country location. You have specific domains or subdomains for different versions of your site and want your visitors to be redirected to the right domain according to their geographical location. Highlights This plugin helps you detect the user on the basis of their country or IP address. As we know that an IP address [...]

Shopware Plugin Display variant products correctly

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Product information Shopware default feature Usually, When you add Articles in Cart, Variant Product doesn't show properly which leads to confusion especially in case of long article name. Solution This plugin gives you the facility to Display variant Article Name properly . Display variant Article Name in Cart, Checkout, Order Confirmation page or in Customer account area. Support Feel free to contact us for suggestions, bugs, feature requests or any other concerns! We are happy to meet your [...]

live shopping-Article on Sale Shopware Plugin

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Product information Don’t work hard, work smart! Our Discount live shopping Extension for Shopware lets you work smart by allowing you to automatically put your product(s) on sale for a limited time (based on your settings). And that’s not all it can do. Once time runs out, the product(s) goes back to it’s normal listed price. How to use? After you have installed the plugin, you can set up basic configuration like: Countdown text color, Listing advance feature Status, [...]

Shopware Plugin Hide Sidebar ( left Navigaion)

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Product information You want to turn off the sidebar on your shop pages, so that you can use the full breadth of the content to make your page more beautiful? From now on that is no longer a problem. Website owners feel that removing sidebar helps improve user experience. If you’re looking to remove the sidebar on your Shopware site. Highlights Removing Category Sidebars From Everywhere in Shopware Removing Shop pages Sidebars From Everywhere in Shopware. Hide left column [...]

Shopware plugin Remove Compare ,Remember and Comment

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Remove the Compare and wishlist button from the Listing and product detail page. It removes the wishlist ,Compare  and all associated buttons and views in the Responsive Theme of Shopware 5 . Highlights SUPPORT Feel free to contact us for suggestions, bugs, feature requests or any other concerns!We are happy to meet your personal requirements in order to extend the functionality of this plugin. Download Extension

Article Additional Tab | FAQ Tab | No prices without login (Shopware Multipurpose plugin )

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Multipurpose plugin gives the facility to Hide product prices, replace Logo's,Sidebar navigation, wish list. add article additional tab and display informative FAQ Tab section functionality. No prices without login (definable per customer group) This Plugin will help the store owner to hide the product price from the Article page. The customer can see the product price after login to the Shopware store. Additional tab for the articles With this plugin you can add a tab to every article / [...]

Hide Article Price or Price on request Shopware Extension

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Hide Article Price Shopware Plugin Hide product prices and "Add to cart" button . Manage prices display depending on login customer groups. Customize button texts and messages to make your pricing policy maximally flexible. Shopware Hide Price extension help you make your pricing policy much more flexible by showing prices only to logged-in users or customers belonging to particular groups. This way you can easily hide Add to Cart button or organize private sales in your Shopware store. [...]

Debugging and profiling Shopware

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Symfony Profiler configured for Shopware Debugging and profiling Shopware is easy by using the Shopware Profiler Plugin. the profiler plugin  debug Templates, Queries, Network performance with an useful toolbar in the frontend. download plugin  Backend Profiling, Cart items page Added backend profiling. This can be enabled in the plugin configuration and the link can be retrieved from the Request Response Header "X-Profiler-Url"

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