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//Shopware Plugin Slider SEO Friendly

Shopware Plugin Slider SEO Friendly

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SEO is crucial to make people find your website. It doesn’t matter how awesome your site and services are if no one can find you. But did you know you could use your slider for SEO purposes? Sliders are the most popular design elements you can find on a Shopware site, so it makes sense to use them for SEO. In order to do that, the slider must support the most essential SEO.

How do you recognize an SEO friendly slider?
let’s see the top five aspects of an SEO friendly slider.

It’s not based on flash. Flash is an old technique, which was quite popular because of its fancy effects. Its popularity is fading, because no search engine can crawl its result. If a slider uses flash, it’s not SEO friendly, and you shouldn’t use that slider on your site.
It lets you write alt texts to your images. Alt texts help search engines index your images. It’s especially important when you create simple image sliders, which have no other text.
Ability to set proper H tags. H tags, like h1 or h2 help you structure your content better. A well structured content is crucial from SEO perspective. As a matter of fact, there should be only one h1 tag on each page of your site. So if your slider creates headings with h1 tag only and you can’t change that, dump this WordPress plugin.
Ability to write texts without H tags. Not all content needs to be a heading. A good slider plugin lets you add texts as paragraphs, too.
Has valid HTML structure. Search engines have a hard time indexing pages, which have invalid HTML structure. If your slider contains invalid codes, it will make your site and slider harder to index.

How to use your slider for SEO purposes?
Obviously, you can only use your slider for SEO purposes, if it’s SEO friendly. As a matter of fact, This plugin is SEO friendly slider, which means you can use it to do SEO. Any text you write to Slider using layers is crawlable by search engines. Let’s see what tools are available to create an SEO friendly slider!

Add SEO friendly content into your slider
Add alt text to your images to help search engines index them

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