Maintenance mode Shopware Plugin

//Maintenance mode Shopware Plugin

Maintenance mode Shopware Plugin

Product information

Activate this plugin and your Site is in maintenance-mode.
It is always a good user experience to have your incoming visitors informed about any downtime due to maintenance or upgrade along with expected availability. With this extension you will be able to add a maintenance page to your Shopware store that lets visitors know your site is down for maintenance as well as add a coming soon page for a new website with countdown timer.

Advantages ?

Visitors will see a maintenance page with a friendly message letting them know that the site is temporarily unavailable for up-gradation.
Optionally the visiting uses will also see a countdown timer letting them know when the site will be back available.
The impact on user is good as oppose to a facing a downtime by the website being inaccessible.
No impairment for your customers
Risk-free work on themes, plugins, updates & Co.
No nasty surprises in the live shop, after installing new plugins
Sufficient time for troubleshooting

Potential scenarios & usage:

Use this extension when your site in down under maintenance.
Very helpful tool whenever there’s an upgrade.

You can use a date with a countdown timer for visitor information that when your store will be live or your can set custom message as well for visitor information.

Main Features:
Compatible with any Shopware theme
Completely customized
Countdown timer (remaining time)
Styling options
Timer is accurate to the second
Change Background Image
Responsive design

Feel free to contact us for suggestions, bugs, feature requests or any other concerns!
We are happy to meet your personal requirements in order to extend the functionality of this plugin.

We offer free support for the installation and configuration, if you want further changes in this plugin, we will do it.

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