live shopping-Article on Sale Shopware Plugin

//live shopping-Article on Sale Shopware Plugin

live shopping-Article on Sale Shopware Plugin

Product information

Don’t work hard, work smart!

Our Discount live shopping Extension for Shopware lets you work smart by allowing you to automatically put your product(s) on sale for a limited time (based on your settings). And that’s not all it can do. Once time runs out, the product(s) goes back to it’s normal listed price.

How to use?
After you have installed the plugin, you can set up basic configuration like:

Countdown text color, Listing advance feature Status, Listing Layout background color, Listing Layout background color
Insert additional tab data for particular product.
Countdown deal offer Status active.
Insert Start & End Date/Time.
You’re done!

Feel free to contact us for suggestions, bugs, feature requests or any other concerns!
We are happy to meet your personal requirements in order to extend the functionality of this plugin.

1. Limited-time discounts
2. Create pressure to make a purchase with limited-time offers (e.g. “Purchase within the next 24 hours and get a 15% discount”). Take the sense of urgency up a notch with Live Shopping; a plugin which creates an active countdown that reflects the number of products left in stock or remaining time until the offer expires.
1. Attractive Listing layout.
2. Hot Deal badge for making customer attractive
3. Show Countdown on listing page with particular product
4. Easily connect countdown with product variants
5. Show Countdown on Detail page with particular product
6. Additional tab active feature
7. Automated deal close after end date.
8. Responsive and attractive
9. Easy to configure basic setting
10. Translatable German, English
11. Very lightweight, loads fast.

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